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Making electronic compliance convenient

With EROAD, going electronic has never been easier.  From our intuitive, driver-friendly ELD (electronic logging device) to our secure web portal, everything about EROAD has been designed to meet all your compliance, operational and driver needs.  Capture accurate data automatically, receive real-time notifications and reports and file your taxes with ease - all from one platform.

EROAD puts the power at your fingertips, giving you the confidence you need to ensure FMCSA compliance with the ELD mandate, run a safer and more efficient fleet and reduce the burdens and costs associated with manual paperwork.


Depot puts your data at your fingertips

See how our secure web-based portal, Depot, makes it easy for your to monitor vehicle location and driver behavior, and manage reporting requirements.


Choose the ELD that's easy to use

Industry experts have ranked EROAD's ELD (Electronic Logging Device) as one of the best on the market.  In ELD Ratings' ranking of ELDs, EROAD's is the only ELD with a five-star user score.  "EROAD is one of the most dependable, durable, and accurate systems in the business."

  • Single in-vehicle device 
    • Means no additional data or third party device costs
  • Easy to adopt and easy to use
    • Keeps your drivers happy
  • FMCSA registered, third party verified
    • Gives you peace of mind
  • All-in-one solution
    • Makes going electronic easy
  • Secure, Reliable, Accurate
    • Automatically collects and transmits data from the road to the office

The EROAD Advantage



Your data is safe with EROAD.  All vehicle data collected by EROAD is confidential and remains the property of the motor carrier.  EROAD is committed to meeting strict technical and security requirements and regularly conduct independent security testing.


EROAD accurately records location and distance at a tax audit level, and samples comprehensive vehicle data every second.  The EROAD platform provides accurate data you can rely on for business insights and competitive advantage.


System performance and redundancy is a key focus for EROAD.  EROAD's end-to-end solution achieves an industry-leading 99.99% service up-time, minimizing the cost of interruptions to your business.


EROAD's solution is intuitive, user friendly, and designed from the ground up with you in mind.  EROAD works closely with customers to technology that meets your compliance and operational needs.

One Platform, multiple applications


EROAD's user-friendly solution reduces costs associated with complex namual and paper-based systems.  Our compliant ELD, enhanced IFTA reporting, and electronic tax management make going electronic easier and more accurate than ever.


Improve safety and limit liability with our comprehensive range of user friendly tools and reports.  EROAD driver safety tools help simplify compliance and support a safety focused culture.

Fleet Management

EROAD';s superior accuracy provides your business with the best data available to help you improve productivity and customer service, reduce operating costs, maximize up-time.

ELD and Tax Compliance

Electronic Logging Device (ELD)

  • 100% Compliant ELD
  • Hours of Service Recordkeeping
  • Driver friendly in-vehicle device
  • Supports ECM* and non-ECM installations
  • Automatic over the air updates
  • Portal (Depot) Access
  • Driver Account Management
  • Unidentified Driving Trip Management
  • Hours of Service Violations Report
  • Time sheet Report

EROAD Electronic Tax Management Solution

  • Electronic Record keeping
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Equipment List

-Electronic IFTA

  • IFTA Easy File
  • Exempt Miles
  • IFTA License and Vehicle Management

-Electronic IRP

  • IRP Fleet and Vehicle Management

-Electronic Oregon WMT

  • WMT Direct File and Pay
  • Weight/Axle Configuration Management
  • Exempt Miles
  • ODOT Automatic Import

-Electronic Oregon RUAF

  • Permit Management
  • Exempt Miles
  • ODOT Automatic Import

*ECM = Electronic Control Module

Safety Compliance

Safety Compliance

- Inspect DVIR - In-vehicle**

- Over Speed Dashboard

- Virtual Speed Camera

- Leaderboard

- Driver Insight

- Driver Safety Report

- Max Speed Alert

*Offered on the EROAD ELD plan for an additional $4.00 per asset.

Fleet Management

- Historical Daily Fleet Activity

- Traffic, Truck and Satellite Map Layers

- Accurate Fleet Tracking

- Geofencing

   - Geofence Site Activity

- Fuel Management

   - Driver Entry

   - Easy upload of Fuel Fills

   - Partner Fuel Integration

   - Fuel efficiency and Usage Reports

   - Fuel Exception Report

- Fleet Optimization Reports

   - Fleet Summart Report

   - Idle Report

   - Trip Investigator

   - Off Highway Fuel Usage Report

   - Fleet Utilization Dashboard

- Service and Vehicle Maintenance

- Messaging

- EROAD Share

- Integration - API