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Urgent care travel (UCT)


'The Medical Clinic Network Located at Pilot Flying J'

UrgentCareTravel is committed to keeping drivers' healthy and on the road to a long career through access and convenience.

Trucking Companies and drivers have to deal with the high cost of insurance, access to healthcare on the road, then there's the issue of finding truck parking.  For about the price of a cup of coffee a day, UCT is quickly resolving this problem by placing clinics at Pilot Flying J Travel Centers where drivers' fuel, eat, shower, rest, maintain their truck and park.  We can save your drivers 4-6 hours per visit so they spend more time on the road moving freight and providing ROI to the bottom-line.  With our Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system, drivers' can visit any clinic in the UCT network so that any UCT medical provider can view a driver's medical history and continue care.  UCT specializes in Chronic Care Management for drivers and fleets.  In addition, we also perform DOT Physicals, Drug Screens, and Primary Care.  Our Pharmacy Program can mail medications to a driver's home or UCT clinic and medication dispensing is available at select UCT clinics.  Also, select UCT clinics will soon be offering Luvo meals with balanced nutrition to heat and eat.  Meals are Mediterranean diet-inspired with controlled sodium and sugar with no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.

UrgentCareTravel Locations



Let UrgentCareTravel Put Your Health First

• No Co-Pay / No Deductible

Health insurance alone doesn't help drivers manage their conditions, because deductibles are too high.  It shouldn't be that way.  Get medical care with no deductible, at UrgentCareTravel.

Convenient Locations

You don't need an appointment to visit one of our clinics located at Pilot Flying J.  Come see us anytime you need care - there are over 100 truck parking spots ready and waiting.

Certified Medical Team

Our DOT Certified medical team is here whenever you need us.  From primary care services to our in-clinic lab, we've got you covered.

Affordable Health Plan

 UrgentCareTravel is not an insurance plan.  But, it is an affordable health plan that provides you and your family with non-deductible and no co-pay health care. 

Disclaimer:  UCT Health Network is not health insurance nor an official ACA Major Medical Plan.  UCT Health Network is a membership-based healthcare program, but does not include hospitalization or emergency services.


UCT Truckers Health Team Benefits

DOT Physical • Drug Screen • Primary Care • Chronic Care Management

For Fleets:

  • Improve driver retention
  • Improve driver productivity
  • Low cost health benefit

For 1099 Drivers:

  • Improve health and reduce time off the road
  • Improve DOT Physical certifications results
  • Affordable health plan for individuals and families

Drivers Save 4-6 Hours on Medical Services

  • Convenient Pilot Flying J Locations
  • 100+ Truck Parking Spaces
  • Walk-In Clinics:  No Appointments Needed
  • DOT Certified Medical Team


The ONLY Medical Clinic Network Focused on Truck Driver Health


Drivers can now fuel, park their trucks, eat, and address their medical needs, all at the truck stop.

With a growing network of walk-in medical clinics located at Pilot Flying J along the major interstate highways, drivers can receive their needed medical services and get back on the road quickly, saving hours of downtime.

UCT Locations

  • Baytown, TX (I-10, Exit 789)
  • Carlisle, PA (I-81, Exit 52 or I-76, Exit 226)
  • Cartersville, GA (I-75, Exit 296)
  • Dallas, TX (I-20, Exit 472)
  • Fontana, CA (I-10, Exit 64, at S. Sierra Plaza)
  • Joplin, MO (I-49, Exit 39A)
  • Knoxville, TN (I-40, Exit 398)
  • Laredo, TX (I-35, Exit 12 or 13)
  • Oklahoma City, OK (I-40, Exit 398)
  • Phoenix, AZ (I-10, Exit 137)
  • Ruther Glen, VA (I-95, Exit 104)
  • Toledo, OH (I-280, Exit 1B)
  • W. Memphis, AR (I-55, Exit 4 or I-40, Exit 280)


UCT Clinics Opening Soon!

  • Hubbard, OH
  • Des Moines, IA
  • Lebanon, TN (Nashville)

Why UCT Truckers Health Team Membership?


At UrgentCareTravel, we understand the challenges professional drivers face trying to find convenient and affordable healthcare while hauling freight.  Our mission is to help drivers stay healthy and on the road.

No Deductible / No Co-Pay

on In-clinic services

48% of drivers

have a pre-existing condition (hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol) resulting in a DOT certification of 1 year or less

Convenient Medical Clinic Locations

at Pilot Flying J save drivers 4-6 hours of downtime ($400 - $500) on each clinic visit

88% of drivers

have at least one risk factor: high blood pressure, smoking, obesity, etc. - for chronic disease, compared to 54% of the general U.S. adult working population

No restrictions

on Health Network memberships due to pre-existing conditions or age

Drivers with three

or more medical conditions had a significantly increased risk of preventable Department of Transportation (DOT) reportable crashes and preventable crashes with injuries

$134 billion

2016 estimated cost of large truck and bus crashes (fatal, injury and property damage)

Truckers suffer

from diabetes at a rate of almost 50% higher than the rest of the American population.

Health Insurance alone

does not help drivers manage their medical conditions due to high deductibles


69% of truck drivers

are obese, which is more than twice the national average.  Obesity increases the chance for Type 2 diabetes


UCT Health Network: Individual and Family Plans Available


So that you and your loved ones can stay healthy.

(Click on image to download a brochure.)


Your Road to a Healthy Lifestyle

No Co-Pay / No Deductible In-Clinic Services

No Pre-Existing Conditions or Age Restrictions

Member Can Visit Any UCT Clinic

Chronic Care Management

Your Personalized Health Plan For Pre-Existing Conditions

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Obesity
  • High Cholesterol
  • and more . . .

Driver / Trucking Services

  • DOT Physicals
  • Drug / Alcohol Screening Services

Primary Care Services

  • Physicals
  • Infection (sinus, ear)
  • Sickness / Illness


  • Mail Medications to Your Home or UCT Clinic
  • Medication Dispensing Available at Select UCT Clinics

In-Clinic Lab Services

  • Flu, Tetanus Shots
  • HbA1c
  • Lipid Profile

Work-Related Injury Services, Including

  • Muscle Pain / Strain
  • Laceration Repair
  • Wound Care


Critical Health Challenges for Fleets and Drivers

  • Drivers need convenient access to medical clinics where they can park their truck.
  • 48% of drivers have a pre-existing condition (hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol) requiring regular clinic visits.
  • Health insurance alone does not health drivers manage their conditions due to high deductibles.
  • Unhealthy drivers are major contributor to high driver turnover.


Your Personalized Health Plan

Your Personalized Health Plan educates and guides you on the changes and commitments you'll need to make to manage your chronic conditions and live the healthy life you deserve.

The "Study Books" and the "Play Books: are the key components of Your Personalized Health Plan to address your specific health needs.


Meet Your UCT Truckers Health Coach

Your Health Coach is dedicated to helping you create your Personalized Health Plan.

We invite you to come to any of our clinics for a no-cost consultation to help you prepare for your next DOT Physical and see how the UCT Truckers Health Coaches can help you.


UCT Driver Health Notification Service

 UrgentCareTravel offers trucking companies a no-cost UCT Driver Health Notification Service, a secure texting service which provides DOT Physical reminders and health tips to drivers to help them get healthy and stay on the road.  We would be happy to work with your team to implement this service. 


UrgentCareTravel can provide healthcare and ROI for you and your company in 1 of 3 ways:

1.  Orientations, DOT Physicals and Drug Screens via your TPA

       Have your TPA direct driver's to UCT clinics located at Pilot Flying Travel

          Centers.  Contact us and we will work with your TPA to set-up Chain of

          Custody and Protocols.  Reduces driver/truck downtime by providing

          driver convenience and parking.

2.  Orientations, DOT Physicals and Drug Screens via Corporate Account

       Corporate Account provides volume discount while reducing 

          driver/truck downtime by providing driver convenience and parking.

3.  Driver Healthcare (UCT Health Network)

      (Benefit can be provided by company or drivers' may enroll individually

       online with a credit card.  Provides affordable convenient access to

       healthcare for your driver's.)

       Set-up UCT Health Network Services for your driver's

**Disclaimer:  UCT Health Network is not health insurance nor an official ACA Major Medical Plan.  UCT Health Network is a membership-based healthcare program, but does not include hospitalization or emergency services.