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Urgent Care Travel Offers Free DOT Physicals for Former Celadon Drivers

December 20, 2019

UrgentCareTravel's free DOT Physical offer helps former Celadon drivers maintain their Commercial Drivers License as they seek employment with another fleet

MIAMI (PRWEB) December 20, 2019 -- UrgentCareTravel (UCT) announces that it is offering free DOT Physicals to former Celadon drivers who lost their job due to Celadon’s bankruptcy. The free DOT Physical offer runs through March 31, 2020 and is available at all UrgentCareTravel clinics across the country. Former Celadon drivers need to show proof of their Celadon employment to qualify for the free DOT Physical offer.

“Celadon drivers losing their job right before the holidays is very stressful for themselves and their family,” said Siva Suresh, Founder and CEO of UrgentCareTravel. “Many Celadon drivers are due for their mandatory DOT Physical, so offering these drivers a free DOT Physical is our way to help these drivers maintain their Commercial Drivers License as they seek employment with another fleet."

About UrgentCareTravel

UrgentCareTravel, with walk-in medical clinics located at Pilot and Flying J travel centers, is the only medical clinic network focused on providing convenient and affordable health care for professional truck drivers. 48% of professional drivers have a chronic condition (diabetes, hypertension, obesity) that restricts their Commercial Drivers License to 1 year of less. Due to the lack of convenient medical care on the road where drivers work, and the high costs of health insurance and medical care, many drivers do not treat their chronic conditions as needed. Left untreated, these conditions worsen, eventually leading to job loss, income loss, health complications or worse.

UrgentCareTravel focuses on Chronic Care Management (CCM) with its UCT Truckers Health Team, an affordable monthly membership program that includes Health Coaches, Personalized Care Plans for chronic conditions, no deductible / no co-pay in-clinic services (including DOT Physicals) and pharmacy services. UCT Truckers Health Team can have a great impact on driver health, driver productivity, driver career longevity and fleet profitability.

For additional information about UrgentCareTravel’s UCT Truckers Health Team, clinic locations and services, please visit the website at http://www.UCTTruckersHealthTeam.com 

UrgentCareTravel Adds New Locations in Phoenix (AZ) and Perrysburg (OH)

OCTOBER 19, 2018

Media Contact:

Mitch Strobin UrgentCareTravel 919-622-2029


UrgentCareTravel Adds New Locations in Phoenix (AZ) and Perrysburg (OH)

Medical Clinics Provide Fleets and Professional Drivers Convenient and Affordable Access to the Medical Services Needed to Help Keep Drivers Healthy and on the Road

Miami, FL – UrgentCareTravel (UCT), the Medical Clinic Network located at Pilot Flying J, announces the opening of two new medical clinics focused on providing fleets and professional drivers the medical services needed to help keep drivers healthy and on the road. With the addition of new medical clinics in Phoenix (AZ) and Perrysburg/Toledo (OH), both conveniently located by Flying J Travel Centers, UrgentCareTravel now has thirteen medical clinics in its network. UrgentCareTravel plans to add more clinics to its growing clinic network over the next few years.

“Pilot Flying J is committed to making a better day for professional drivers,” said Ken Parent, president of Pilot Flying J. “This partnership with UrgentCareTravel allows us to provide on-site care as an additional service aimed at making life on the road better for drivers.”

UrgentCareTravel addresses today’s critical challenges in the trucking industry:

1. Professional drivers do not have convenient access to medical clinics where they can park their truck. The trucking industry is estimated lose hundreds of millions of dollars in driver productivity per year as drivers spend an additional 4-6 hours off the road each time they need a medical service.

2. Professional drivers have health challenges. Per UrgentCareTravel’s analysis of over 15,000 DOT Physicals performed at its clinics, 50% of drivers have one or more serious medical conditions, including diabetes, hypertension, obesity and high cholesterol, which in turn, limit their Commercial Drivers License (CDL) to one year or less.

3. Most professional drivers today have no health insurance or health insurance with high deductibles and premiums. Since the required ongoing care of their pre-existing conditions

are paid out of pocket, drivers visit clinics less often, their conditions worsen and they eventually leave the workforce.

4. Driver health is a major contributor to the high turnover rate in the industry. Per UrgentCareTravel discussions with fleets, with industry turnover rates upwards of 100%, company profitability decreases as the average recruiting cost is $5,000 per driver.

“Our network of medical clinics located at Pilot Flying J fills a critical need in the trucking industry

- affordable and convenient healthcare," said Siva Suresh, CEO of UrgentCareTravel. “We value our relationship with Pilot Flying J which enables us to address the key healthcare needs of professional drivers to help them stay healthy and on the road.”

About UrgentCareTravel

UrgentCareTravel, the Medical Clinic Network located at Pilot Flying J, is dedicated to improving driver health and keeping drivers on the road. With a focus on convenience and affordability, UrgentCareTravel is the only medical clinic network focused on truck driver health. For additional information about UrgentCareTravel’s Health Network, locations and services, please visit the website at www.UrgentCareTravel.com.

About Pilot Flying J

Pilot Flying J, the largest operator of travel centers in North America, is committed to connecting people and places with comfort, care and a smile at every stop. Headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, Pilot Flying J has more than 750 retail locations in 44 states, Roadside assistance available at over 145 locations nationwide and growing as part of its Truck Care program, 44 Goodyear Commercial Tire and Service Centers, and 34 Boss Shops. The Pilot Flying J network provides drivers with access to more than 72,000 parking spaces for trucks with Prime Parking at more than 400 locations, 5,200 deluxe showers and more than 6,200 diesel lanes with 5,200 offering Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) at the pump. Pilot Flying J is currently ranked No. 15 on Forbes' list of America's Largest Private Companies. Visit www.pilotflyingj.com/ for more information.




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