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What is Telehealth / Telemedicine?

The remote delivery of health care services and clinical information using telecommunications technology.  this includes using internet, video, and telephone media.

Is it Safe?

Yes.  Guided by technical standards and clinical practice guidelines and backed by decades of research an demonstrations, telemedicine is a safe and cost-effective way to extend the delivery of health care.  ATA has produced a series of standards, guidelines and best practices for healthcare providers to ensure that they are using telemedicine responsibly.


Originally created to treat patients located in remote areas with shortages of medical professionals.  While telemedicine is still used today to address these problems, it's increasingly becoming a tool for convenient medical care.  Today's connected patient wants to spend less time in the doctors's waiting room and get immediate care for common and acute conditions when they need it.



Founded in 2014, WellVia offers a comprehensive HIPAA compliant connected-health solution that is of the highest quality, easily accessible and most affordable to all.  WellVia connects over 2 million members with an in-house network of Board Certified Physicians to treat the common and acute illnesses that make up the majority of Emergency Room and Urgent Care Visits.

Physician Network

  • Board Certified & State Licensed
  • Physicians
    • PCP, Pediatrics, internists and emergency
  • In-House Recruiting
  • NCQA Credentialing
    • Every 2 years
  • Background Checks
    • NPDB & AMA
  • 100% quality control
    • 1st 90 days
    • 10% random pull


Proprietary Technology

  • Modern Design Standards
  • Phone and Video call support
  • End-to-end call bridging and recording available for playback
  • Real-time reporting services
  • iOS, Android, and web applications
  • SMS appointment reminders and patient surveys
  • 99.9%+ up=time reliability
  • HIPAA and PCI compliance

In-House Call Center

  • Bilingual
  • Multiple Locations
  • 24/7 - 365 days
  • 100% Medical Trained
  • 250k Queue Size
  • 5 second pick-up rate
  • Customized Scripts


A Simple Member Experience

  1. Get Registered
  2. Requested a Consult
  3. Speak with a Doctor

***Get Better

When medically necessary, your doctor will issue a prescription to your pharmacy.


What Do We Treat?

75% of all doctor, urgent care, and ER visits are either unnecessary or could be handled safely through telemedicine.

Common Conditions Treated

√ acid reflux

√ allergies

√ asthma

√ bladder infection

√ bronchitis

√ cold & flu

√ infections

√ nausea

√ rashes

√ sinus conditions

√ sore throat

√ thyroid conditions

√ urinary tract infection

√ and more . . .


Prescription Policy

  • If doctor determines a prescription is necessary, it will be called in to your pharmacy of choice.
  • Our doctors do not prescribe DEA (schedule I-IV) controlled substances, non -therapeutic, and/or certain other drugs which may be harmful or require follow up lab or face-to-face consultations.  Also, non-therapeutic drugs such as Viagra and Cialis are not prescribed by WellVia doctors.
  • WellVia operaties within state regulations.

WellVia Rx Discount Service

Your source for savings on Prescriptions.  WellVia searches several of the nation's lowest pharmacy discount sources that save you money!

How Rx Discount Works

  1. Find Drug
  2. Select Location
  3. Show Pharmacist

***Available for all prescribed medication, including regular scheduled drugs.

***WellVia Rx discount service is available for member's prescriptions.  WellVia Rx discount service is not available in LA.  WellVia doctors do not prescribe DEA (schedule I-IV) controlled substances, non-therapeutic, and/or certain other drugs which may be harmful or require follow up lab or face-to-fact consultations.  Also, non-therapeutic drugs such as Viagra and Cialis are not prescribed by WellVia doctors.  Short term prescriptions only.


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WellVia™ and the WellVia logo are trademarks of Wellspring Telehealth, LLC and may not be used without written permission. WellVia does not replace the primary care physician. WellVia does not guarantee that a prescription will be written. WellVia operates subject to state regulation and may not be available in certain states. WellVia does not prescribe DEA-controlled substances, non-therapeutic drugs and certain other drugs which may be harmful because of their potential for abuse. WellVia physicians reserve the right to deny care for potential misuse of services. 

***WellVia is not an insurance product or a prescription fulfillment warehouse.